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There Are Many Reasons To Choose Coach

There are many reasons why people are choosing Coach Handbags over any other type of handbag. To start with, Coach Handbags offer an exceptional quality unlike any other handbag on the market.

Coach Handbags are also priced very well. When you compare the price of other designer handbags, Coach offers the best handbag for the best price compared to other competitors. Coach handbags are made from extremely high-grade leather and are manufactured through very strict standards. The skill level of the Coach employee is also high. There are no shortcuts in the manufacturing process, and there are no compromises to the quality of the materials used to make each Coach Handbag. Coach manufacturers will only accept 90% of the leather goods they inspect. This is considered a very high rejection rate on leather. If the leather grain, or the color, or texutre of the samples do not meet the quality inspection, then they are simply rejected. The leather is then softened for a long period of time before it is even made into a handbag. There are no shortcuts to the process, and Coach makes sure that at the same time, there are no changes to the color, texture, or quality of the material.

When putting the bags together, Coach uses double stitching, which ensures a much stronger stitch in all of their seams. When you buy Coach, you benefit from this quality, which also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whatever happens to your genuine Coach Handbag can and will be repaired for a simple $20 shipment sent to the manufacturer. Either, Coach will repair the bag, assuming it is repairable, or in a worse case scenario, they will offer you a significant discount on your next Coach purchase. They have a great reputation for honoring their lifetime guarantee.

For more than 60 years, Coach has been in the business of creating and manufacturing these signature handbags. Having started with just 6 employees as a family-owned company, Coach has grown into a multi-billion-dollar empire. One amazing aspect is that their company growth has not changed their quality. They still manufacture in many of the same ways they did when they were a small company with 6 employees, primarily by hand. Before the handbags arrive to their retail stores, Coach handbags are visually inspected for quality. Coach Handbags are headquarted in New York.

With the lifetime guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the best handbag for your dollars.

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